People who tried the UltraSpa have called it the "The Aaaah... Spa™"

"This is my very best home and travel light therapy invention to date. I believe that the UltraSpa marks a turning point in the field of light therapy design and application with its super strong, super flexible design, portability and an unbelievably affordable price point!"
- Mellen-Thomas Benedict

Michael Galitzer, MD
About Mellen’s Phototherapy inventions

Health = energy and Mellen’s light technology is able to increase cellular and total body energy. All of my patients have had positive experiences with Mellen’s light systems, stating that there was an immediate noticeable improvement in their energy. Those patients who used the Pain Relief Programs universally felt a decrease level of pain.

I noticed that after 10 treatments, I no longer had to use reading glasses. Mellen’s light technology is a winner."
— Michael Galitzer, MD
Medical Director, The American Health Institute
Los Angeles, CA

Introducing the UltraSpa

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What is Phototherapy?

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We are currently working with our Production Department to bring the Ultra Spa Light Therapy System to the market. If you would like to be notified when the product becomes available, please join our list here.

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